SERVICES is dedicated in providing you FREE construction information by VIDEO regarding the Estimating & Takeoff Process. We encourage you to ask us questions (posting comments) via our interactive blog. Your consolidated questions, and our video responses are a FREE service. Questions must reference one of OUR 12 Estimating PROCESSES. We will not mention or illustrate peoples names or company names for privacy reasons.

If you would like to speak or meet with us privately (consult) regarding your specific or your company specific questions, then you can schedule a private meeting (consult) with us on the phone and/or over the internet. Any private discussion consultation or private meeting consultation (in person or over the phone and/or internet) is for a pre-paid fee. Please see the fees below along with the Terms and Conditions of Fees.

The Terms and Conditions of Fees
1) ALL consulting Fees are PRE-Paid (required). To setup a private consulting engagement, please call 1-888-552-2520 or email us a request for consulting services at ,  to arrange a convenient scheduled date & time, as well as payment.  Visa, Mastercard,  and AMEX are accepted for the USA only (USA cards only). We can arrange for PayPal payment as well.
2) ALL consulting calls are a minimum of 1 hour rolled UP to the ¼ hour. *
3) There is a No return policy, therefore all sales (consulting services) are final.
4) Remaining pre-paid consulting hours will be valid for 12 months from purchase date whether consulting hours are used or consulting hours are NOT used. After that period of time (12 months from purchase date), any remaining unused pre-paid consulting hours will expire.
5) You must agree and accept to the Terms and Conditions of Fees.

The Fees are as follows:
1 hour phone/internet consulting fee PRE-Paid: $175 (minimum 1 hour) *

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