07 Detailed Estimating Material Qty w/Cost & Labor Qty w/Labor Hourly Cost MH, CH, CD

So many folks in the construction industries  believe that construction estimating software is the answer to their problems. Most often, the business problems companies experience lie within their operations and processes.  Construction Software like: Construction Estimating Software, Accounting Software, and Project Management Software does help, HOWEVER, they will NOT help if you do not have your processes and operations clearly identified.  AskTheEstimator.com is here to cleanup all the confusion as it relates to the estimating process.  So often, construction software for estimating, like for example electrical contractor estimating software, is designed with one idea or estimating process in mind.   However, in reality, the estimating software process really breaks down into 12 different processes. With that in mind, many people may find this next comment a little shocking but here it is:  “ESTIMATING is an ART, NOT a Science”. This FREE construction estimating software training video focuses on our Detailed Estimating Material Quantity with Material Unit Cost and Labor Hourly Cost based on the Quantity of the Material part.  There is no right or wrong standard, it all has to do with Consistency, Profitability and How you get there.

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