Does Takeoff Software for Estimating OnScreen really help?

by Perry on March 19, 2012

The quick answer is “Yes”, construction takeoff software for estimating DOES help whether Onscreen takeoff software with electronic plans or using a digitizer board takeoff with paper plans.  However, the answer really has to look at what is take-off or takeoff processes in comparison to the construction estimating software process.

As we constantly try to reinforce, you MUST have your construction estimating process well defined before purchasing an estimating program. Once you have your estimating process defined, many folks then want to figure out what is the best tool to aid in the estimating takeoff software process that may or may not integrate with a construction estimating software program.

Some folks seem to be very comfortable with a spreadsheet program that they are able to customize to their own processes.  In our 35 years of estimating experience, we have found that the vast majority of estimators really like working with their own customized spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel® for instance.  Moreover, we have also found that many estimators like to measure or performing takeoff 1st, and later estimate the costs of a final estimate or proposal.

That really has become a predominant choice of contractors through our experiences with many different trades and contractors over the years.  Integration of take-off software with an estimating software program is a very nice feature to have BUT as we said, the majority of estimators we come across like performing takeoff 1st then estimate the cost or proposal later. Therefore, integration with an electronic plan takeoff program with an estimating software program is not that critical these days since many separate the two processes.

Here is the reality of our construction estimating software industry. Approximately 80% of estimators in all disciplines in the world of construction use Microsoft Excel® to estimate construction projects. The primary reason is so that estimators can customize an Excel® spreadsheet for takeoff of materials or even construction labor & equipment items. With such a disproportionate amount of estimators using Microsoft Excel®, we have come across a fantastic electronic plan takeoff program that automatically PLUGS right into your customized Excel® spreadsheet. It launches directly from your spreadsheet and saves directly to your spreadsheet. So you can perform your take-off of measuring areas, lengths, and counting, etc right into your custom Excel® spreadsheet. All your thoughts, take-offs and quantities are in one place. One Project, therefore One Spreadsheet. Once all that is complete you can then continue with your newly defined construction estimating process.

The Electronic Plan Takeoff Software program we found that would be a huge benefit for Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet users can be found at:

Estimating Takeoff Software VIDEO

Reiter & Company, Inc. 1-800-482-1014

You can even try out the program with a 14 day FREE Trial.  It is a win win for you.

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