Construction Management or Project Management software programs, are they the same?

by Perry on October 28, 2010

So often in the construction industries, companies rush to buy construction software solutions, regardless of what the actual software is intended for.  In the construction estimating software pursuit, you always have to first determine what your construction estimating process is. That will ultimately help you determine what features of a program you actually need.

Likewise, for the construction project or program management software search. It really is just like the construction estimating software pursuit; you must think of who you are representing as a company.  There are really huge software differences based on the different corporate hat you may be wearing such as: owners or owner’s representative, government agencies, general contractors, developers, specialty contractors, program managers or construction management firms.  Software that is tailored to a specific type of construction management is critical since one size never fits all. Once you determine who you are  representing, you then determine what construction management features are needed based on that representation.

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