Is Construction Estimating Software the Same As Construction Takeoff Software?

by Perry on September 20, 2010

All too often contractors think that by just producing proposals with retail sale prices is the answer to winning projects.  Often the question to a contractor is: “How did you get to that number”   The answer we consistently receive is: “We’ve been using that number for 20 years or so, and we don’t really know if we are making or losing money with that number” That’s really a scary and risky gamble in our view. You MUST know your cost before you can create a proposal.

So many contractors think that by using a construction takeoff measuring program that measures areas, lengths and counts, is all that they need to produce retail proposals.  Those types of technologies are Great and Saves time for sure, but all that they do is measure, that’s it. Measuring drawings is not estimating a cost and then producing a proposal price. It is just estimating an area, length or count.  Good and reliable Construction Estimating Software usually and should incorporate the electronic measuring technologies with the construction estimating program.  So as you can see, Construction Takeoff Software is just a component of producing an estimated cost that should convert into a bid or retail priced proposal.

On our Construction Operations postings page, we have numerous postings on how to review Construction Estimating Software along with Electronic Construction Takeoff systems. Please check them out and let us know how we can help you. If you need any help with the evaluation of any estimating program or would like to discuss this subject further, please review our services page.  Or if you would like to see a free demonstration of what you need to expect from a construction estimating software program or construction takeoff program (electronic plan or paper plan with a digitzer), please CLICK HERE.  Thanks for visiting

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