Criteria for Construction Estimating Software for Detailed Estimating Material Cost and Labor Unit price cost

by Perry on September 4, 2010

In this outline of features needed for a construction estimating software program, we will 1st start off focusing on the Labor Unit Cost based on the takeoff quantity of the Material part. Often times this construction process is used by self-performing contractors that manage their own labor.  This does apply to so many types of trades in construction, specifically specialty trades.  In their own trade discipline, the contractor almost always breaks down labor on the individual material piece.  However, all too often they use a PLUG unit cost number into the material quantity to develop their labor cost total for that specific material part.  So many times has asked them how they got to their labor Unit Cost Price. Sadly, almost 100% of companies that estimate this way can never give us a definitive answer.

So in reality, believes that you will be best suited to read the criteria on:

How to review a construction estimating software program for DETAILED Estimating with a Subcontractor System Unit Cost

and / or

How to pick a construction estimating software program for SCOPE Estimating with a Scope System  Quantity

and / or

How to choose a Construction Estimating Software program for Labor System Unit Cost with Detailed Estimating

If you need any help with the evaluation of any estimating program or would like to discuss this subject further, please review our services page.  Or if you would like to see a free demonstration of what you need to expect from a construction estimating software program, please CLICK HERE.

ALSO: Read an in depth Review of Takeoff Software for Estimating Construction at:  Review Takeoff Software

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