How to pick a Construction Estimating Software Program

by Perry on August 29, 2010

All too often, contractors believe the answer to their problems is construction software.  Now don’t get me wrong, software can help, but most problems reside in business processes and operations.  That is why focuses on first determining what your estimating process is.  Once that is achieved, you can then look for an automated construction estimating software program that best suits your needs.  Not everyone necessarily needs an automated construction estimating software program. Each of the different 12 estimating processes will have their own criteria on helping to determine what and/or if a contractor needs a construction estimating software program. Then will help outline features that any construction estimating software program should have as well as the could have features.  Click Here for Review Criteria for Construction Estimating Software Programs.

So please check out the 12 construction estimating processes on the left hand side of the screen; to help you determine which process best suits your needs to get you on the right track to competitive & profitable projects.  Thanks again for visiting

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