Job Cost as a Construction Accounting function

by Perry on August 12, 2010

When folks use the term Job Cost in a Construction Accounting department, often times they are thinking about the actual cost a construction project for their company. As they pay their bills, payroll, overhead expenses an so on, the accounting department is accumulating the ACTUAL cost of the job or project.  The next step often results in some sort of comparison of the ACTUAL accumulated accounting department Job Cost, versus, the Construction ESTIMATED Cost.  So that leads to another question, where did the construction estimated cost come from.  Obviously, the construction estimated cost comes from the company’s construction estimate.  The larger question begs: How in the world did you get to the estimated cost.  That’s where comes into play. was created to help breakdown the estimating process into 12 different processes.  Please read or listen to any of the videos of the 12 construction estimating processes to help your company determine which estimating process is best suited for you to achieve profitable projects and win competitive bids.  The next discussion we are going to cover is what is a Job Cost code and is it the same as a General Ledger Account code?  So stay tuned, there is so much more to come.

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